Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun Times!

Sorry I’ve been a slacker lately! We actually have been really busy…with fun things! YAY! We have had one of my nieces here a few days to play, play dates with friends, two short camping trips, along with our day-to-day craziness!

Since Olivia came home from the hospital on Mother’s Day, she has remained on the higher oxygen. We did an overnight pulse ox study to watch her oxygen levels while she slept. The study didn’t look horrible, but she had some pretty significant dips during the night. With that, the doctor decided that he doesn’t want to monkey with her oxygen just yet. She sees him again on June 12, so we’ll see what he has to say then.

We have also been working on switching Olivia over to a pediatric formula. It’s been a challenge to say the least. We tried one, but she started vomiting and absolutely refused to let the bottle come anywhere near her mouth. It had a strong vanilla sent, so I am sure it had a strong vanilla taste, which apparently she does not like. They have now switched her to a different, more easily digestible, flavorless pediatric formula. She is still vomiting and at this point we think it’s one of her meds because most of the vomiting comes after the feedings with which she gets her medications. No meds have been changed lately, so we’re not sure which one might be the culprit. Hopefully we can figure it out before we end up in the hospital with aspiration pneumonia again!

We have more play dates coming up that I can hopefully remember to take some pictures of. We will also be having each of my nieces over for a few days to play, which Olivia will LOVE! She really loves other kids now!

We also have quite a few doctor appts coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’ll really try not to be such a slacker anymore!

Enjoy a few new pics of our little doll!

Here's Olivia during her last hospital stay. She clearly isn't acting like anything is wrong, and definitely showing her spunk!

Olivia loves my parents' dog Molly. Molly is very old and very tolerant of Olivia and my nieces!

Olivia, her cousin Cora, and Cora's cousin Gavin all playing nicely together!

This was Olivia's idea of sleeping at 10:00 on Saturday night!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! We're home! When I arrived at the hospital today, Joe was talking with the doctor. She turned to me, wished me a Happy Mother's Day, and said we could pack up and go home. Olivia came home on a little more oxygen than she was on before, but is otherwise doing really well!

Friday, May 8, 2009

To the PICU?

Happy Friday! And what a beautiful day it was today! Once Joe got to the hospital I was able to get outside to read for a little while and enjoy some nice, warm fresh air. I only wish Olivia had been able to get outside and enjoy the day! Her oxygen needs have increased more again today. They continue with the breathing treatments that were started yesterday. At this point we are unsure if they are really helping or not. If they don't seem to be helping and her oxygen needs continue to increase, the plan to transfer her into the PICU. The reason for that is that they will want to put her on high flow in hopes that the higher pressure will help open the collapsed air sacs in the lungs. They aren't ready to transfer her yet, but I have a feeling that it's coming. At this point I would be surprised if we go home before Sunday. Aside from the increased oxygen need, Olivia has really been herself the past few days. She scoots around her crib, plays with her toys, interacts with the people who stop in to see, and puts up a good fight for the treatments that she doesn't care for. Continuing to see the spunk in her is a really good sign that things aren't too bad, and we hope things stay that way! We hope you all enjoy your weekend, and we'll be sure to update as we have more information!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Here!

So...We're still here at the hospital. After Olivia's oxygen needs continued to go up and down, they decided to call pulmonary to come see her today. The doctor decided to do a chest x-ray and discovered there was a small amount of collapsing in her lung, most likely an after effect from the surgery. The have started her on a breathing treatment, and the best I can explain it is that it is sort of like a combination bi-pap and nebulizer. It delivers intermittent pressure through a mask like a bi-pap, but like a nebulizer it delivers medication and is given every 4 hours. She LOVES this treatment so much that it takes two people to hold her down to get the treatment! Whether she likes the treatment or not, it does seem to be helping. The doctor's hope is that she'll be much better and able to go home tomorrow(Friday). I am hoping the same, but am know how easily plans can change. As nice as it would be to be at home, I am much more comfortable staying here until we know she is back to her baseline and safe to take home. I will try to update sooner in the day tomorrow when I find out what the plan is. Have a great Friday! And for you locals, don't forget to listen to John and Tammy's Champions for Kids Radiothon benefiting the American Family Children's Hospital on 96.3 from 6am to 7pm on Friday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out of Surgery

Olivia is out of surgery and recovery.  We're back in the room we started in.  She seems to be in better spirits than in the recovery room, but still isn't quite herself.  She is on a full liter of oxygen.  Her normal amount is only 0.2 liters.  The nurses said that they won't send her home until she is down to her usual oxygen.  If you asked me I would guess that we'll be spending the night tonight, but we'll have to wait and see what Olivia does.  Part of the procedure included looking in her esophagus and airways, and also squirting some saline into her lungs and suctioning it back out to look at the cells that came out with it.  The doctor said it is impossible to get all the saline out which is probably causing her to need the additional support she is requiring now.  I'll be sure to keep posted what ends up happening.  Have a great Wednesday! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

We received word today that Olivia's surgery will be at 11:20 tomorrow. The procedure is supposed to last only 30 minutes or less. The plan is to send us home tomorrow evening. That will entirely depend on how Olivia is doing after surgery. The doctor told us not to be surprised if they decided to admit her for observation overnight. He said their threshold for admitting is very low and given her other issues, admission is more likely than with most kids. We will be sure to keep everyone posted on how Olivia is doing. For now enjoy some pictures of our little stinker! Her new favorite thing is crawling under the couch. The only problem with that is that she can't get out on her own. Yesterday I couldn't find her when she was whining, so I had to follow her oxygen tubing to find her one leg sticking out from under the couch! What a stinker!

Hmmmmm...What's under here?

Hide and Seek?

Peek-a-boo Mama!