Saturday, September 18, 2010

Best Appt. Ever!

Olivia had her best pulmonary appointment ever yesterday! Her doctor had talked with her geneticist about her growth because he was concerned that reducing or removing her oxygen would interfere with her growth. Her geneticist thought that the only way to tell would be to try her without her oxygen for a couple of months. Her doctor and I were afraid that if we did that and then she needed to go back on it would be brutal to put her back on. So we decided that she’s doing well enough that we are going to start going to appointments every two months instead of every month. When the dietician came in she was very happy that Olivia had gained almost a pound since her appointment last month. Next came the respiratory therapist. They always check her O2 sats on her oxygen and off her oxygen. Olivia maintained 98% without oxygen for 15-20 minutes! She’s never been that high before!! The doctor stopped back in before we left and said that since her sats were that good we should turn her down from 0.3 to 0.2 and see how she does with that between now and November. YAY Olivia!

Here's some new pics of our little cutie!