Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This and That

Sorry I’ve been a slacker with the updates again. We’ve been busy with graduations, end of the school year, birthdays, doctor appts, etc. We’ve been having fun though so it’s ok.

Olivia saw the nephrologist and had a renal ultrasound done. The appt with the nephrologist went well. The renal ultrasound showed that her right kidney is growing, but her left is continuing to shrink. The doctor feels it is important to do an MRA as soon as we can. However, Olivia will need sedation for it, and the doctor feels it’s not worth doing it if she will need to be intubated for it. Olivia’s pulmonologist is pretty certain that she would need to be intubated for it to be done anytime soon, so it will probably have to wait until her lungs are better.

Olivia also saw the ENT and had a repeat hearing test. Before getting her tubes the lowest she could hear was 40 decibels. At this hearing test she could hear as low as 20. They would like a kid her age to be between 5-15, but 20 is still a huge improvement. The ENT wants to follow-up with her every 6 months with repeat hearing tests at each of those appointments.

We also saw the pulmonologist. He decided that it was best not to mess with Olivia’s oxygen for right now, because of the vomiting issue we are currently battling. Otherwise he thought Olivia was doing well.

The vomiting continues to be a problem for Olivia, but is slowly getting better. The last couple of days, she has only vomited once or twice. The dietitian gave us a different formula to try. It seems to be working much better for Olivia. Hopefully that will help. Olivia also hadn’t taken anything by mouth in over a month, but on Sunday she decided to eat again! She isn’t eating as much as she had been, but at least she’s starting to try again.

We’ve also been busy with play dates. Olivia loves being around other kids! We have had of my nieces for a couple of days each. It’s been fun to have them and Olivia loves having playmates! We have also been over to our friend’s house a couple of times to play, which Olivia loves, and her kids love Olivia!

The Deerfield Festival was last weekend also. John and Tammy, the DJ’s from 96.6 Star Country who did the Radiothon for the Children’s Hospital were there on Saturday in the evening. We took Olivia over to say hello and got a couple of pictures with them. Olivia and Tammy loved cuddling together.

We plan to take Olivia camping again in a week and a half. I hope she likes it again!

When my niece Ella was here we had a play date with Aiden and Lilly. They all had such a great time together!

Olivia also had a play date with her friend Taylor while their parents did too! Taylor was still a little sleepy in this picture.

Olivia with Mamoo at El Mariachi, our favorite restaurant!

Olivia with John and Tammy from 96.3 Star Country. They are truly Champions for Kids!

Olivia and Tammy snuggling together!